Look for this logo and find out why the difference between us and the rest is like "Night and Day."

Night and Day Taxi    (828) 693-8099

A American Cab Company                         (828) 697-4200

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"Night and Day Taxi and Transportation Services is a very polite and respectful taxi and transportation service. The dispatcher is very polite on the phone. The drivers are very nice, clean and respectful. If you need help getting in or out of the car they will politely help you. This company has very nice, clean vehicles. They will even drive your vehicle home for you. Now how many taxi and transportation services will do that? This is a taxi service that I would be able to trust to take a loved one home with no second thoughts. This is one taxi service that I wouldnt mind waiting on if need be. So the next time your in Hendersonville, NC give them a call. I know I will"

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Introducing our Sister Company   

A American Cab Company

Coming January 2017

                Welcome to Night and day taxi!

Night and Day Taxi and Transportation Services, LLC is celebrating 10 years of service in the Hendersonville and Asheville areas. We would like to thank ALL of our wonderful customers for helping us to make it this far and we look forward to serving you for the next 10+ years.   

At Night and Day Taxi and Transportation Services LLC it is our goal to not only safely deliver you to your destination, but to deliver a quality service as well. We have clean, comfortable, and smoke free vehicles. Our drivers are courteous, kind and professional. We are not satisfied unless each and every customer we serve is satisfied first! Don’t worry about getting where you’re going – we’ll take you to your destination so you can take care of business. 

It has been brought to our Attention that there are Rumors going around town that we are "Closed" or "No Longer Operating." These Rumors are 100% FALSE. We have found the reason(s) behind these Rumors., and have taken action to stop them. 

If you use us on a daily or weekly base you will notice a few changes in our company. With this being said we have also made a few changes to our operating hours. This is a Temporary thing and hopefully we will back to our normal operating hours soon.

Our Temporary Hours are the following:


We will try to stay open later at night as much as possible. Please give us a call and see if anyone is available.

If you are in need of a ride during the time we are Temporary closed, Please call us the day before and set up a Pre-Arrange pickup and we will make arrangements for someone to come pick you up. We are very sorry and would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.